BREAKING NEWS...Boston Buying Power records over 1895 energy contracts since the program release.

The City of Boston invites all local businesses to group together in Boston Buying Power and receive all the utility management services that have only been available to the largest of organizations.

UtilityModule has been selected by the City of Boston to work with local Boston businesses and provide a service that has been implemented by national companies to manage their energy costs. With so many options and decisions in the energy marketplace, UtilityModule provides customers with the best products and services in the industry to efficiently manage your utility expenditures.

There are two ways to save energy dollars: either use less or pay less for what you use. Boston Buying Power addresses both aspects and provides your business with the most effective purchasing and energy services the market has to offer.


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When you join Boston Buying Power, your account is grouped with other local businesses to create purchasing power in the energy markets. EnergyAuctions is a state-of-the-art reverse auction platform that competes suppliers to serve the aggregated energy requirements. Businesses that join Boston Buying Power are grouped with similar accounts for pricing efficiency, but each account retains its individual contracts and billing. EnergyAuctions carefully evaluates all eligible suppliers in the marketplace, giving our customers peace of mind knowing that all options are considered.

Purchasing energy is only one component of utility management. Before your purchase is made, there are many ways to save energy dollars. After your purchase is made, there are also ways to save energy dollars. Boston Buying Power takes advantage of these opportunities. We benchmark your usage to similar businesses, identify options to reduce your consumption and choose suppliers to complete the work. UtilityModule provides all members with the tools and services available to isolate problems, plan solutions, increase efficiencies and lower costs.


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Held November 13, 2008 at 11:00AM
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