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Electric consumers throughout New England have financial incentives to shed electric consumption during peak usage periods. While there are several conditions that must be met to qualify for this program, here are several questions that can begin the process of qualification;

  • Do you have an hourly interval meter with your utility service?
  • Do you have backup generation or any emergency generators that could be used during peak periods?
  • Can you shut off any electric load during peak periods?

The financial benefit of a demand response program is based on how much load can be shed in these peak times and whether it can be verified. Most programs will require that the customers prove their curtailment ability a minimum of one time per year. Actual curtailments can occur as many times as the electric grid reaches maximum capacity.

Based on the process above, a customer will receive a payment each month for requirements above and the payment will adjust according to actual performance throughout the year. The key point being that your property will always have power. Even if the backup processes fail, the only risk is the continuation and level of the payments.

While several programs and information sources are listed below, please contact your Taylor representative for additional details and applicable programs.

Constellation NewEnergy
Hess Energy
ISO New England