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EnergyAuctions is a state-of-the-art platform where suppliers compete for your energy requirements. Through our advanced UtilityModule services, all participating businesses are evaluated for optimal aggregation, which, in turn, maximizes your buying power. EnergyAuctions allows customers to enroll based on either a "time-sensitive" requirement, meaning an account must be procured by a specific date, or a "price-sensitive" requirement, meaning an account may be procured at any point when the deregulated pricing is less expensive than the current utility pricing.

When these smaller aggregations can be grouped together, our database systems model the most price-efficient aggregations and sets the auctions accordingly.

EnergyAuctions solicits eligible suppliers to compete according to the terms established in the auction. The competition occurs in reverse-auction format, meaning that suppliers bid down each other's price until one price is ultimately the lowest offered. Our staff controls when the bidding occurs and whether the auction meets the terms of the contracted service.

The results of any auction may be accepted or rejected by us depending on whether the actual result matches the expectation. Once a bid is accepted, all auction criteria feed back into UtilityModule begins tracking data and savings.

When suppliers win!